Sandalwood is known for its anti-tanning and anti-aging properties while providing a soft and clear skin tone. NatureWalk’s Sandal bar encompasses the goodness of Sandalwood to provide you with a softer, healthier skin.

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Product Description

Sandalwood has been an integral ingredient in Indian Ayurveda for skin therapies and treatments. NatureWalk’s Sandalwood body soap carries this legacy forward to help you care for your skin in a natural way. Sandalwood is known to be effective in reducing the occurrences of pimples & acnes, lightening the complexion of the skin, reduce open pores and black heads and providing a smooth texture to the skin.

Sandalwood also provides relief from prickly heat, rashes and allergies of the skin by providing a soothing effect and does not have any side effects on the skin.


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